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Is it better to be alone…

If you have decided to separate …. contact us so we can help you plan your path for the future…..

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Children caught in the middle of your conflict can feel like this……

It is difficult to move past conflict. We understand this. If you are worried about what your children are hearing … give us a call….

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Helping children of divorce manage change

Written by Christina McGhee Nine months ago, Mathew’s parents told him that they were separating. They said while they were figuring things out they would keep living in the same house. Yesterday Mathew’s mom, Jackie, announced she’s moving out tomorrow. Mathew felt like somebody just punched him in the stomach. He thought his parents were trying to…

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Aspirations and goals for our children

  Aspirations and goals for our children As a Mediator I see many parents struggle on the ‘here and now’ following a separation but never the goals they want for their children as they become adults. Billie Flynn Gadbois shares his aspirations for his ‘two little men’ to respect women and develop a good perception…

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