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Online Mediation

7th March 2017

Our Online Family Mediation is built around the needs of our clients requiring mediation, where face-to-face contact may be difficult for a number of reasons.

Some of our mediators are able to offer you an online service through online platforms available to them and to yourselves, including Zoom, Skype and FaceTime.

Online MIAMs

We are happy to encourage this service for the individual and confidential pre-mediation introductory meetings or MIAMs, where time might be of the essence and geographical distance a challenge. We can help you set up a Skype or Zoom account. It is very easy.

We find that many of our clients work full-time and prefer these sessions in the early evening, from the comfort of their own homes. We are happy to accommodate this need.

We can offer this service where it is very clear that mediation is not suitable BUT our client is still required by law to attend a MIAM (mediation information and assessment meeting) before making their court application.

Online Mediation

So far as mediations are concerned, we always prefer to mediate face-to-face rather than online unless there are specific and exceptional circumstances, where an online service might mean the difference between mediation taking place or not.


We offer Online Divorce Mediation where one of our clients lives in the UK and other person lives abroad.

Online Mediation may be the only possibility where there is a disability which restrict our client’s mobility.

It could mean a significant saving in costs and time that justifies Online Mediation rather than face-to-face mediation where funds are extremely tight bearing in mind that legal aid is not available for online mediation (yet).

In other situations, online mediation may make it more manageable for the mediator and clients especially where the mediation is likely to be very emotional. Being able to mediate from their own home can ensure that our clients feel more relaxed, in familiar surroundings and therefore more empowered to manage their emotions so that they can focus on practical decisions they both need to make.

Online mediation resources

If we do offer Online Mediation we also offer a guide and checklist to ensure that the mediator and our clients are properly prepared when the time comes.

We follow and adhere to a specific Mediation Agreement incorporating a section about online mediation provided by the Family Mediation Council in their guide to online mediation.

If we do decide to mediate online it is very important that these mediations are carefully managed by the mediator with the full cooperation and collaboration of the clients from a technical point of view.

Also, due to the fact that no one is in the same room, the whole process of Online Mediation relies on our and your integrity as our client. We trust and ask you to sign an Agreement that you will not record it and will respect the principles and terms set out in the Mediation Agreement including the important principle of confidentiality.

Despite the challenges with Online Mediation, we see this as a service which can offer flexibility for our clients.

Therefore, if you believe that online mediation may work for you please contact us to discuss your circumstances and needs.


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