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Ruby’s thoughts about holidays, missing a parent and having to share a parent’s time with others

7th March 2017

Ruby is home from home with our friends who look after her when we go away on holiday.

Ruby’s thoughts about holidays, missing a parent and having to share a parent’s time with others

Ruby is our cavapoo puppy. She is a mixed breed between a King Charles cavalier spaniel and a toy poodle. She is not going to grow much bigger.


Our friends have a very large dog called Peggy. All the adults were wondering whether this was going to work and whether Peggy would bound around and sit on Ruby. Peggy been older really mothered Ruby and looked after her. Ruby was cheeky at times growling, nibbling Peggy’s ears and hanging off them.


Making friends or sharing time with new children (or dogs) can be difficult. Ruby found it difficult to share fuss and affection with Peggy.


When parents separate, they can meet new partners who sometimes have their own children. We understand it can be a lot to get used to for children particularly when they may spend less time than they would like too with the parent they do not live with. Everyone is trying to adjust and for children sharing their time with other children who see their parent more is TOUGH!!


Ruby learnt from Peggy when it was dinner time, walkies and how you got cuddles, belly rubs and affection. I’m sure there was jealously at first but they were the best of pals when we went to collect Ruby. Look at this shared kiss…

Like Ruby ‘s time, when sharing family time with others, there is going to be new routines, rules and learning how to share time so no one feels left out.

Ruby sulked when we picked her up. It was her way of saying – this was new, I missed you, I was scared and was wondering whether I was going to see you again. There is going to be situations that can seem scary or new following a separation.

Parents or children may feel you are not in control and emotions make it hard to discuss issues  directly.

Ruby lets us know if she is hungry by barking and sitting near the fridge. She will crawl on your lap if she wants a cuddle.

If something is bothering you – sharing and talking through your worries or feelings can help.

Mediation can help you work out a plan and agree a way forward. We can give children a voice within mediation to share their feelings, worries and thoughts and feed this back to parents if you both consent.

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