Unhealthy Relationship Courses

Do you feel you have left a ‘toxic or unhealthy’ relationship and are now fearful or anxious about being faced with trying to make reasonable decisions around arrangements for your children and or finances?

What do you do if the other parent is not being reasonable and how can you protect yourself but still help your children maintain a relationship with both of their parents?

We have organised a series of talks with professionals to help you identify unhealthy relationships, techniques to aide productive discussions and ways in which you can develop new skills to gain confidence and create workable arrangements.

We plan to develop a course, to offer clients a ‘freedom’ programme which specifically addresses the needs of co-parenting, ways to protect yourselves from violence and or controlling behaviours.

Unhealthy Relationship Courses

Online Book Group

Emotions and feelings play a major part in how we feel and whether we are in the right place to make decisions for the future. We are only responsible for our own actions and if we concentrate on matters within our control, these small steps can create big changes in how others react around us.

We offer a ZOOM book club, where books initially are selected based on parenting, separation, self-help and then to what the majority wants. This could be a chance to relax, unwind and discuss with others feeling the same way.

Online book group

Healthy Mind and Body

Do you fancy a bit of exercise? Eager to try something new? I love running and I have seen first hand how exercise can lift your mood. Simply being out in the fresh air could mean you sleep better or could turn a day into a good day.

Fancy attempting a couch to 5km running programme?

A run leader will offer a training plan starting from a walker, to run / walker to help you achieve a 5km run comfortably. We will also share with you the benefits on mental health of gentle exercise following MIND training.

healthy mind and body